About the Timberland Conservation Program

Oak limb and conifers
Oak woodland and timberland in Humboldt County; CDFW photo by Angela Moran.


Our Mission is to conserve forest ecosystems through science, collaboration, and outreach.


Our Vision is:

  • A California where forest ecosystems are more resilient and diverse for future generations
  • A Program that is a trusted resource for plant, fish, and wildlife conservation, guided by knowledgeable and effective professionals


1. Forest Ecosystems

Forest ecosystems are inherently valuable. We facilitate conservation--protection, preservation, enhancement, restoration, and management--of diverse forest ecosystems for their long-term resilience.

2. Science-based Decision Making

We use the best available science when making decisions and recommendations. We are dedicated to maintaining our knowledge of and contributing to current research, techniques, and technologies.

3. Collaboration & Coordination

We work with stakeholders, agencies, and colleagues to achieve the best conservation outcomes.

4. Outreach & Education

We serve the public as a trustee agency and are committed to engaging and informing stakeholders.

5. Professionalism & Integrity

We are committed to objectivity, consistency, respectfulness, and reliability. We support our colleagues, substantiate our decisions, and take responsibility for our actions.


The Timberland Conservation Program (TCP) helps to conserve public trust resources on private and state timberlands through:

  • reviewing timber harvesting and similar plans (THPs)
  • preparing related permits
  • completing consultations to protect sensitive forest species
  • guiding forest habitat restoration
  • developing ecological performance measures and monitoring approaches
  • engaging in forestry sector policy and regulatory reform
Map of California timberlands and CDFW regions - click to enlarge in new window
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TCP staff members are located in the CDFW regions with the greatest extent of timber harvesting activities on private timberlands. They are:

In addition, TCP Headquarters staff in Sacramento maintain a state-wide perspective to foster consistency, communication and policy direction, and technical information exchange among the regions and other CDFW programs.


TCP receives funding from the Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund created under the authorities of link opens in new windowAssembly Bill 1492(2012).