About the Timberland Conservation and Fire Resiliency Program


The Timberland Conservation and Fire Resiliency Program (TCFRP) helps to conserve public trust resources on private and state timberlands through:

  • reviewing timber harvesting and similar plans (THPs)
  • preparing related permits
  • completing consultations to protect sensitive forest species
  • guiding forest habitat restoration
  • developing ecological performance measures and monitoring approaches
  • engaging in forestry sector policy and regulatory reform
Map of California timberlands and CDFW regions - click to enlarge in new window
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TCFRP staff members are located in the CDFW regions with the greatest extent of timber harvesting activities on private timberlands. They are:

  • Northern Region (Region 1)
  • North Central Region (Region 2)
  • Bay Delta Region (Region 3)
  • Central Region (Region 4)
  • South Coast Region (Region 5)
  • Inland Desert Region (Region 6)

In addition, TCP Headquarters staff in Sacramento maintain a state-wide perspective to foster consistency, communication and policy direction, and technical information exchange among the regions and other CDFW programs.