TCFRP Region 1 - Northern Region

Region 1 forests and Staff


Region 1 is the Northern Region of California. Timberland is present in all nine counties covered by this Region.

map of showing timber areas within Region 1
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Region 1 Forestry Topics

Wolves and Timber Harvest

Gray wolves (Canis lupus) are present in the Northern Region and are protected as endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act and the Endangered Species Act. Wolves are habitat generalists and should be addressed in Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs), Non-industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs), and any other timber operations in the Region.

CDFW maintains a gray wolf page with natural history information and updates on wolves in California.

CDFW also maintains a wolf activity map (PDF) which is updated quarterly. This map provides current information on known resident wolf territories in California. CDFW encourages project proponents for all timber harvest activities (THPs, NTMPs, Exemptions, and Emergencies) to view the most recent wolf activity map during preparation and prior to operations, and to consult with CDFW if planned operations are within a known activity area.


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