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Living with Wildlife

Prevent or Solve a Problem with Wildlife

California, known as the "wildlife state," has more plant and animal species of any other state in America.  California is also a heavily populated state in terms of people.  As the human population continues to expand, coexisting with wildlife is becoming increasingly more challenging. However, many human-wildlife conflicts can be reduced or eliminated by taking simple steps to better coexist with our wild neighbors.  

Threats to Wildlife

Services CDFW Does NOT Provide

  • Removal of nuisance wildlife from private property - E.g. opossums under houses, squirrels in chimneys, raccoons in attics, skunks in garages. Visit the UC Agricultural & Natural Resources link opens in new windowIntegrated Pest Management Program for guidance, or contact a pest management service for assistance.
  • Removal of predators or wildlife that cause property damage (depredation). Report a wildlife incident or encounter to your CDFW Regional Office or the Wildlife Incident Reporting online system. If warranted, you may request a depredation permit that allows you, or an authorized agent, to kill a specific animal causing damage to your property.    
  • Removal of insects or spiders. Contact a pest control service for assistance, or visit the UC Agricultural & Natural Resources link opens in new windowIntegrated Pest Management Program for guidance.
  • Handling or removal of domestic animals. Domestic animals (e.g. livestock, dogs, cats) are under the jurisdiction of local government. Contact your local Animal Services Division or animal control office for information and assistance.
  • Handling or removal of marine mammals. Marine mammals are protected by both State and Federal law. CDFW does not have authority to manage marine mammal populations. The link opens in new windowNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the lead government agency. Report dead, injured or stranded marine mammals to the NOAA Fisheries at 1 (866) 767-6114.

If your wildlife encounter is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Report Wildlife Incidents Report poachers or polluters 888-334-2258 Report Sick, Injured, Orphaned Wildlife Report Dead Fish or Wildlife