Lake and Streambed Alteration Program

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link opens in new windowFish and Game Code section 1602 requires any person, state or local governmental agency, or public utility to notify CDFW prior to beginning any activity that may do one or more of the following:

  • Divert or obstruct the natural flow of any river, stream, or lake;
  • Change the bed, channel, or bank of any river, stream, or lake;
  • Use material from any river, stream, or lake; or
  • Deposit or dispose of material into any river, stream, or lake.

Please note that "any river, stream, or lake" includes those that are dry for periods of time as well as those that flow year round. If you are not certain a particular activity requires notification, CDFW recommends you notify.

CDFW requires a Lake and Streambed Alteration (LSA) Agreement when a project activity may substantially adversely affect fish and wildlife resources.

Online Submittal

Online notification through the Environmental Permit Information Management System (EPIMS) Permitting Portal is currently limited to the following:

Visit the EPIMS web page for more information on submitting a notification through the EPIMS Permitting Portal or if you need to contact our EPIMS Help Desk.

Please Note- Only Permits submitted through EPIMS may request Amendments or Extension through Permitting Portal.

Paper Submittal

Notify CDFW

Effective September 1, 2021, notifications for Gravel, Sand, or Rock, Routine Maintenance, and Timber Harvesting may be submitted through CDFW’s Environmental Permit Information Management System (EPIMS) Permitting Portal.  

Additional Forms


CDFW is not required to determine whether an LSA notification is complete or otherwise begin processing the notification until the correct CDFW regional office has received the notification and correct notification fee.

Pay by Credit Card

NOTE: If paying the LSA fee online, the credit card transaction will include a 5% handling fee that is not refundable.


Cannabis cultivators applying for an link opens in new windowAnnual License from the link opens in new windowDepartment of Cannabis Control must have an LSA Agreement or written verification that one is not needed.


Technical Resources

Informational Resources

For project and site specific LSA questions, contact the CDFW Region where the project is located.

Email the LSA Program Headquarters