TCP Headquarters

California timberland

The TCP Headquarters has a different focus than its Regional counterparts. In general, Headquarters staff works with a state-wide perspective to promote program-wide consistency, communicate with stakeholders and external agencies, and facilitate regulatory and policy changes. As with the rest of TCP, Headquarters' activities ultimately support fish and wildlife conservation. Some Headquarters functions include:

  • Provide technical support and develop trainings for Regional TCP staffs
  • Represent CDFW at Board of Forestry and Fire Protection and associated committee meetings
  • Participate in link opens in new windowTimber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program (Assembly Bill 1492) working groups and projects, including:
    • Ecological Performance Measures Working Group
    • Data and Monitoring Working Group
    • Administrative Performance Measures Working Group
    • AB 1492 Leadership Team
    • Watershed Pilot Project

Contact Information

Isabel Baer, Environmental Program Manager | (916) 651-3110