Water and Watershed Conservation

aerial view delta waterways winding through agricultural land

Delta Ecosystem Programs

Grant Programs

  • Cannabis Restoration Grant Program
    Supports projects that restore anadromous salmonid habitat in watersheds most heavily impacted by Cannabis cultivation
  • Ecosystem Restoration Program
    Multi-agency effort aimed at improving and increasing aquatic and terrestrial habitats and ecological function in the Delta and its tributaries
  • Fisheries Restoration Grant Program
    Supports salmon and steelhead habitat enhancement projects
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
    Supports projects that restore coastal wetlands, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta wetlands, mountain meadows, and desert ecosystems to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions and provide other co-benefits
  • Proposition 1 Restoration Grant Programs
    Supports multi-benefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects
  • Proposition 68 Restoration Grant Programs
    Support Rivers and Streams, Southern California Steelhead, and Fish and wildlife.
  • Water Storage Investment Program
    Supports projects that improve the operation of the state water system, are cost effective, and provide a net improvement in ecosystem and water quality conditions

Environmental Review

Water Planning