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Water and Watershed Conservation

aerial view of Sherman Island

Environmental Review

Delta Ecosystem Programs

  • Delta Conservation Framework
    Multi-agency, 25-year conservation framework for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Yolo Bypass and Suisun Marsh
  • Fish Restoration Program Agreement (FRPA)
    CDFW-DWR agreement that addresses specific habitat restoration requirements of multiple agencies and projects in order to protect Delta smelt and Chinook salmon
  • Delta Fish Agreement
    CDFW-DWR agreement to provide for offsetting fishery impacts caused by the diversion of water at the head of the California Aqueduct
  • link opens in new windowInteragency Ecological Program (IEP)
    State and federal agency consortium that integrates ecological data to manage the Delta ecosystem and water flows

Water Planning

  • California WaterFix
    Proposal to improve a freshwater storage and delivery system by creating an additional point of diversion along the Sacramento River, with the intent to protect the state’s water supplies in the face of climate change, improve flows for threatened fish species, and allow for ecosystem restoration and conservation
  • CVPIA Refuge Water Supply Program
    Partnered effort to manage water supplies for 19 specific wetland habitat areas in the Central Valley
  • Groundwater Program
    Ensures fish and wildlife resources reliant upon groundwater are addressed, and that CDFW complies with groundwater use requirements
  • Instream Flow Program
    Determines what instream flows are needed to maintain healthy conditions for fish and wildlife
  • Water Project Operations Unit
    Consults on state and federal water projects to minimize adverse effects on state and federally listed fish species
  • Water Quality
    Ensures that the needs of fish and wildlife inform water policy, legislation and execution of water quality policy and management
  • Water Rights
    CDFW's role in recommending the amounts of water needed for fish and wildlife for consideration in the appropriation of water
  • link opens in new windowYuba River Accord
    Partnered effort to protect lower Yuba River fisheries and local water supply reliability

Grant Programs