CDFW Climate College 2012-13 Partners

Many CDFW staff and partners worked together to make the 2012-13 CDFW Climate College possible. CDFW would like to recognize the organizations listed below for their efforts to ensure that the inaugural Climate College was a success.

CDFW Climate Training Stakeholder Working Group

CDFW Climate Science Program, Delta Conservancy, CA Dept. of Water Resources, US Forest Service, Coastal Training Program, PG&E, CA LCC, Coravai LLC, Dr. Robert Kamansky

Training Partners

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Special Thanks

  • Doug Parsons and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for their groundbreaking efforts to increase climate literacy in state fish and wildlife agencies and beyond.
  • Arpita Choudhury and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies for support and coordination.
  • CDFW staff for their help and commitment to making the CDFW Climate College a reality.
  • The Robert andPatricia Switzer Foundation drives positive environmental change by recognizing and fostering a diverse network of environmental leaders, and mobilizing them through the Switzer Fellowship Network.
    Switzer Foundation