Conservation Data Analysis

Terrestrial Native Species Richness at Multiple Scales
2020 Terrestrial Native Species Maps for California, Ecoregional and Statewide scales.

The Conservation Analysis Unit (CAU) maintains authoritative datasets on California’s wildlife, vegetation and habitats, conducts research to address conservation questions, and develops and maintains a suite of tools which leverage this information to assist a variety of stakeholders with conservation decision-making.

We seek to further knowledge and understanding of priority conservation areas through our data acquisitions and research programs which focus on landscape-level spatial analyses. These include habitat suitability modeling, species range and distribution modeling, climate change vulnerability assessments, habitat connectivity modeling, and the compilation and integration of other landscape datasets.

Contact Information

Name Title Phone
Melanie Gogol-Prokurat, Ph.D. Lead Ecologist/ Supervisor (CAU, CNDDB) (916) 995-5096
Ryan Hill Landscape Ecologist/ GIS Specialist (916) 902-9188
Michael Hardy, Ph.D. Spatial Ecologist - Terrestrial Connectivity (916) 902-9178
Evan Greenspan Senior GIS Analyst - Ungulate Corridors (916) 902-9181