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Regional Advance Mitigation

What is advance mitigation?

Advance mitigation is a science-based approach to identify mitigation opportunities to support regional conservation priorities. By considering mitigation development early in the planning process prior to design and permitting phases, proponents can identify higher-quality mitigation opportunities.

Advance mitigation has the following benefits:

  • Result in mitigation planning efforts that consider the species and habitat needs on a regional and landscape scale
  • Result in mitigation sites with higher ecological function including increased connectivity for wildlife movement
  • Proponents receive efficient project approvals and reduced permitting acquisition time frames

Use of Existing Tools and Programs for Advance Mitigation

Existing programs and tools may be used to achieve advance mitigation. These include:

CDFW Partnerships

Through collaborative partnerships with Department of Water Resources Environmental Stewardship and Statewide Resources Office (DWR FESSRO) and Caltrans on RAMP (Regional Advance Mitigation Planning) and SAMI (Statewide Advance Mitigation Initiative), CDFW staff participates in the development of advance mitigation planning tools and policy. The goal of these partnerships is to establish a mutual framework for advance mitigation processes.

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