Biogeographic Information and Observation System (BIOS)

BIOS is a system designed to enable the management, visualization, and analysis of biogeographic data collected by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and its Partner Organizations. In addition, BIOS facilitates the sharing of those data within the BIOS community. BIOS integrates GIS, relational database management, and ESRI's ArcGIS Server technology to create a statewide, integrated information management tool that can be used on any computer with access to the Internet. For additional information about the CNDDB and Spotted Owl Observations Database, visit their web pages.

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The primary BIOS viewer


Password required: for CDFW Staff and Government CNDDB Subscribers


Password required: for CDFW Staff and Non-Government CNDDB Subscribers


Timberland Resources

Open to the public


Password required - for Non-Government CNDDB Subscribers


Password required - for Government CNDDB Subscribers


Password required - for CDFW Staff


More information about CDFW's Timberland Conservation Program

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MarineBIOS - A Marine and Coastal Map Viewer

An interactive map for accessing California statewide marine spatial planning data. link opens in new windowNews Release (1/18/2012)

More information about MarineBIOS.

California Habitat Connectivity Projects

Data from the California Essential Habitat Connectivity project (download the GIS Data (Esri .zip)):

Open to the public - all connectivity layers are included


Data from the Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills (NSNF) Habitat Connectivity project:

Open to the public - all available NSNF connectivity layers are included


Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

Open to the public


Password required - additional secured layers are included


More information about CDFW's role in Renewable Energy Project Planning.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's link opens in new windowExecutive Order on Renewable Energy (PDF).