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CDFW’s climate change stakeholder group works together with CDFW to address climate change adaptation actions for fish, wildlife, and habitats across the state. CDFW is committed to its climate change stakeholder group and to ensuring that all partners have a role in creating and implementing a collective vision for addressing climate change impacts on fish, wildlife, and habitats. Participants in CDFW’s climate change stakeholder group include nongovernmental organizations, state and federal agencies, academic community, private industry, and local land trusts. This highly collaborative group is part of the CAT Biodiversity Work Group and provides input to the Director’s Climate Change Task Force. The stakeholder group has developed several smaller working groups led by CDFW to focus on key issues such as outreach, policy, and climate change research. Working groups have also supported workshops that were instrumental in disseminating climate change information and educating the public, stakeholders, and members of CDFW. These highly successful working groups have not only helped create specific products, but have maintained an on-going dialogue that supports CDFW’s efforts to collaboratively and successfully implement climate change adaptation actions across the state.

CDFW Climate Stakeholder activities: 2012-2013