Unity - Integration - Action: CDFW's Approach to Confronting Climate Change

images of glacial mountains and parched earth © Microsoft

In keeping with its mission, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is committed to minimizing to the maximum extent practical, negative effects of climate change on the state’s fish, wildlife, and habitats through the development of adaptation and mitigation measures, policies, and practices that provide clear benefits to terrestrial, freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems and recognize the uncertainty associated with future climatic states. Through an approach that embodies the theme Unity-Integration-Action, CDFW is laying the ground work for a proactive, adaptive, and collaborative approach to safeguarding California’s fish, wildlife, and habitats for years to come. CDFW staff and leadership recognize that emerging climate change science brings uncertainty and are committed to addressing this uncertainty through the use of a variety of planning tools and strategic initiatives. We also recognize the importance of developing and maintaining partnerships to more effectively address the broad scope of climate change issues. By working together and taking actions today we can better anticipate the effects of future climate change and fulfill our responsibility to conserve fish, wildlife and the places they live for future generations to enjoy.