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For more fishing resources, programs and to connect with other anglers, visit California's sportfishing/conservation organizations

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Warning: State, county and local laws vary substantially when it comes to foraging. Pay special attention to laws regulating the take of natural materials from national, state, regional and local parks. In addition to parks, areas where forging may be prohibited could include active timber sales, areas of historical interest, areas closed to protect native flora or fauna, areas where human safety is a concern like recent burn scars, areas where soil erosion is a concern and areas where weed spraying is likely to occur. Be sure to check with your local officials for any foraging restrictions and regulations that may exist in your area.

Harvest Huddle Hour (R3H3)

The Harvest Huddle Hour (R3H3) is a live virtual seminar series for beginning adult audiences. The informal huddles are intended to increase knowledge and confidence around skillsets required to harvest wild food in California in a fun and approachable way. Participants are given an opportunity to ask questions and engage with presenters, who are subject matter experts.

Participation is free and open to anyone but seating is limited and requires registration. Individuals wishing to sign up for any of the future topics should visit the R3 calendar located on the main part of this web page and follow the registration link in the event listing. All events are recorded and added below within two weeks of the event date.

Past R3H3 Recordings Library

  • Episode 1: Intro to California Inland Fishing (Video) 8/14/2020: Want to learn how to fish, could use a refresher, or need a confidence boost to get your lines in the water? In this video Richard Muñoz and Brian Young, from CDFW's Fishing in the City program discuss how to get started fishing in California and kick off our very first Harvest Huddle Hour.
  • Episode 2: Bag and Possession Limits and Gifting your Take (Video) 9/4/2020: Confused about bag and possession limits or how to legally give away the fish and game you've harvested? In this R3H3 session, Lt. Shawn Olague, from CDFW Law Enforcement, Brain Huber a wood duck biologist from California Waterfowl Association, and Roger Bloom, an environmental program manager from CDFW Fisheries Branch discuss the difference between bag and possession limits, what laws and regulations exist that govern gifting, and how these things play a part in wildlife management.
  • Episode 3: Intro to Foraging (Video) 9/25/2020: Two passionate California foragers, Lt. Alan Gregory, from CDFW law enforcement division and Henry Lomeli, CDFW environmental scientist, will help walk us through the basics of wild food foraging and how foraging is a gateway activity into hunting and fishing and vice versa. Join us for this fun and informative session that will help boost your confidence to start finding wild food in the outdoors!
  • Episode 4: Tackle Box Basics (Video) 10/16/2020: Featuring Robyn Bilski and Andrew Hampton, CDFW environmental scientists and avid California anglers. This R3H3 session will help participants understand what to pack in a tackle box for different California fishing adventures. Come learn about different types of tackle, and how to match the “when, where and what species” of various types of tackle. Our presenters will share their tackle tips and tricks and give advice on what non-tackle items you might consider including in your tackle box.
  • Episode 5: Intro to turkey hunting (Video) 11/6/2020: This R3H3 session features Anna Allison, a CDFW environmental scientist and Kevin Vella, a biologist from the National Wild Turkey Federation. Anna and Kevin will cover the basics of turkey hunting and discuss the behaviors and characteristics of turkeys in the fall versus spring. This huddle is sure to help the beginning turkey hunter gain the confidence and knowledge needed to get out into the woods.
  • Episode 6: Golden State Fishing Opportunities (Video) 2/19/2021: In this Harvest Huddle Hour ("R3H3") session participants are welcomed to various California fisheries and introduced to the diverse fishing opportunities that the Golden State provides. This session features presenters, Michael Mammola and Farhat Bajjaliya, from the CDFW Fisheries Branch.
  • Episode 7: Steps to Becoming a California Hunter (Video) 3/5/2021: In this Harvest Huddle Hour ("R3H3") session, participants find out where to start, what to consider, and where to go for resources in the COVID-era. This session features CDFW's R3 coordinator, Jen Benedet and Sarahbeth Gonsalves, both who navigated the challenges of becoming hunters as adults with no previous connections into the hunting community.
  • Episode 8: First Cast: How to Become a California Angler (Video) 3/19/2021: In this informative session presenters Flower Moye and Lee Duckwall of CDFW Fisheries Branch talk about the what, when, and how of California fishing. This session builds on the information presented during the Feb. 19, 2021 R3H3 on Golden State Fishing Opportunities and takes you through the next steps towards hooking your first fish!
  • Episode 9: What Shotguns and Shoes Have in Common: Fit Matters (Video) 4/2/2021: In this webinar, Holly Heyser from California Waterfowl Association tells you how to find the shotgun that best fits your needs, your hunting plans and your body! She goes over tips for buying shotguns, new or used, including what to do at the gun store and ways to practice with your new gun.
  • Episode 10: A Beginners Look at CA Halibut and Sandy Beach Surf Fishing (Video) 4/16/2021: This session features anglers/environmental scientists Travis Tanaka and Kristine Lesyna from the CDFW Marine Region where they pass along advice for fishing for species found along sandy beaches in the California surf.
  • Episode 11: Spring Foraging (Video) 4/30/2021: Did you know that we’re surrounded by wild edibles in California? In this session, Brad Henderson, an avid forager and CDFW senior environmental scientist, and Chelsea Britton, a registered dietitian nutritionist, share their favorite spring foraging opportunities and the bounty that California’s landscape offers!
  • Episode 12: Intro to the California Big Game Draw (Video) May 14, 2021: Learn about the California big game draw! Join J.R. Young, Vice-Chair of the North American Board of Directors of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and bonafide numbers-geek, as he shares his tips, tricks and secrets about getting lucky in the California big game draw. Including understanding different big game tags, and developing a strategy for how to be successful with your applications.
  • Episode 13: Intro to Cold, Freshwater Fishing: A Beginners Look at Trout Fishing (Video) May 28, 2021: In this R3H3 session learn about the basics of trout fishing. In this video, avid trout anglers from the CDFW Fisheries Branch, John Hanson and Leslie Alber, introduction you to cold, freshwater trout fishing including differentiating species, spawning patterns and best catch techniques for California waters. 
  • Episode 14: CDFW & Cannabis: An Introduction to the CDFW Cannabis Program (Video) June 25, 2021: Learn about the impacts of illegal cannabis grows on hunting, fishing and public lands. In this video Jennifer Nguyen, the Environmental Program Manager of the CDFW Cannabis Program and Tyson Quintal, the Lieutenant Supervisor of the CDFW Cannabis Enforcement Program, discuss the impacts of illegal cannabis grows on hunting, fishing and public lands, and what to do if you stumble upon an illegal grow on public land while in the outdoors.
  • Episode 15: An Intro to Wild Game Meat (Video) July 9, 2021: Learn about the benefits of consuming holistic game with Rick Travis from the California Rifle and Pistol Association. In this video, Rick will discuss the benefits of consuming wild game meat and shares some of his favorite recipes.
  • Episode 16: The Basics of Bass Fishing (Video) July 23, 2021: Learn about the basics of bass fishing as CDFW's Max Fish and Monty Currier discuss all things bass, including the basics of catching your favorite species.
  • Episode 17: A Day at the Range: An Introduction to Firearms Ranges and Etiquette at Each (Video) August 20, 2021: Gain confidence navigating firearms ranges as CDFW teams up with the California Rifle and Pistol Association to discuss various types of ranges, proper etiquette at each and how to navigate your first trip. Ranges discussed include trap, skeet, distance, indoor, outdoor, public and private.
  • Episode 18: The Basics to Upland Bird Hunting (Video) September 3, 2021: Learn the basics of upland bird hunting with this informative conversation that will provide the fundamentals for navigating grouse, quail, chukar, snipe, fall turkey and dove seasons in California.
  • Episode 19: An Intro to Ocean Fishing: A Look at Shore Based, Pier and Inverts Opportunities (Video) September 17. 2021: ln this video learn how to fish and crab from jetties and piers in California. We will walk you through a beginner’s look at how to start your ocean fishing adventures.
  • Episode 20: Learning to Use Waterfowl Calls and Decoys (Video) October 1, 2021: Join CDFW as it partners with Cal Waterfowl Association for an hour long discussion on the basics of using duck calls and decoys. This in depth conversation that will walk you through how to learn duck calls and the different types of decoys for waterfowl hunting!

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