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For more hunting resources, programs and to connect with other hunters, visit California's hunting/conservation organizations

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For more fishing resources, programs and to connect with other anglers, visit California's sportfishing/conservation organizations

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Warning: State, county and local laws vary substantially when it comes to foraging. Pay special attention to laws regulating the take of natural materials from national, state, regional and local parks. In addition to parks, areas where forging may be prohibited could include active timber sales, areas of historical interest, areas closed to protect native flora or fauna, areas where human safety is a concern like recent burn scars, areas where soil erosion is a concern and areas where weed spraying is likely to occur. Be sure to check with your local officials for any foraging restrictions and regulations that may exist in your area.

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California R3 Community Calendar

CDFW Hunting Clinics

Date Clinic County
02/22/2020 link opens in new windowWild Turkey Hunting Clinic Santa Clara County
link opens in new window or tabBasic Land Navigation Riverside County
03/07/2020 link opens in new windowWild Turkey Hunting Clinic Butte County
04/11/2020 link opens in new windowWild Pig Hunting Class Santa Clara County
04/18/2020 link opens in new window or tabBig Game Processing Class San Luis Obispo County
04/25/2020 Hunting with Muzzleloaders Stanislaus County
04/25/2020 Advanced Bowhunting Clinic Placer County
05/02/2020 link opens in new window or tabDeer Hunting Clinic San Luis Obispo County
05/16/2020 link opens in new windowDeer Hunting Clinic Santa Clara County
05/30/2020 link opens in new window or tabWilderness First Aid Los Angeles County
06/27/2020 link opens in new windowLand Navigation Clinic El Dorado County
07/11/2020 link opens in new windowWilderness First Aid
Mono County
08/22/2020 link opens in new windowWaterfowl Hunting Clinic Solano County
09/26/2020 link opens in new windowGrasslands Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Merced County
10/03/2020 link opens in new windowWaterfowl Hunting Clinic Riverside County

California R3 Milestones


  • March 2017: First CDFW R3 strategy session held.
  • April 2017: CDFW R3 Task Force established.


  • March 2018: Temporary, full-time CDFW R3 Coordinator hired.
  • March 2018: CDFW R3 Team formed consisting of staff from the Office of Communications, Education and Outreach and the Wildlife Investigations Laboratory/Human Dimensions Unit.
  • April 2018: First R3 Team presentation to CDFW leadership about the future of R3.
  • April 2018: First hunting stakeholder meeting.
  • May 2018: R3 outreach efforts begin with internal CDFW staff.
  • June 2018: First outdoor recreation stakeholder meeting held.
  • September 2018: Permanent, full-time CDFW Statewide R3 Coordinator hired.
  • September 2018: Permanent, full-time Human Dimensions research scientist hired as part of the CDFW R3 Team.


  • January 2019: link opens in new windowCalifornia Statewide R3 Plan (PDF) approved and published.
  • February 2019: CDFW link opens in new windowR3 news release generates positive media coverage around the state.
  • February 2019: 6-month stakeholder subcommittees reconvene to carry out Statewide R3 Plan.
  • April 2019: 8-week R3 email collection pilot study launched to determine where customers emails collection efforts could be strengthened.
  • June 2019: Results from email collection pilot study found that 90% of uncollected emails were occurring at physical license vendor retail locations.
  • July 2019: California R3 stakeholder subcommittees conclude and recommendations are finalized.
  • July 2019: California reactivation population data set compiled from CDFW licensing data information.
  • July 2019: First CDFW program evaluation process starts on the Fishing Passport program.
  • August 2019: Stakeholder subcommittee statewide R3 recommendations submitted to CDFW R3 Coordinator.
  • September 2019: 1st draft of CDFW Statewide R3 Implementation Strategy created from subcommittee recommendations.
  • September 2019: Start of CDFW wild food (locavore) campaign planning to engage non-traditional audiences in hunting, fishing and foraging. 
  • October 2019: The ISE R3 Experience Planned. The first statewide R3 stakeholder collaboration outreach event taking place at the 2020 International Sportsmen's Expo in Sacramento, CA.
  • October 2019: CDFW Statewide R3 Implementation Strategy approved and implemented.
  • October 2019: Full-time Human Dimensions Scientific Aide hired as part of the CDFW R3 Team.
  • November 2019: Statewide R3 webpage and R3 community calendar went live to public.
  • December 2019: CDFW R3 wild food campaign marketing materials developed and finalized.


  • January 2020: R3 wild food (locavore) pilot campaign launches at the Redding Health Expo.
  • January 2020: The ISE R3 Experience pilot event, a stakeholder R3 outreach collaboration event, launches at the International Sportsmen's Expo.

California R3 Coordinator

Jen Benedet
Statewide Coordinator, Hunter & Angler Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
(916) 903-9270 |

R3 Campaigns

Time is Running Out
CDFW has begun phasing out printed California fishing and hunting regulations booklets. Soon they will only be available online where they can be viewed, downloaded, and printed.

Stay up-to-date with the CDFW Regulations, News and Announcements. Verify your correct email address is on file with the Department and never miss out on the latest regulatory information.


  1. Log into your online account at:
  2. Click on: Edit customer profile
  3. Scroll down to Contact Information: enter your valid email address


Go to your nearest license vendor and ask to have your customer profile updated.

Human Dimensions Unit

Human behavior can be the root of many fish and wildlife problems, but people are also key to fish and wildlife conservation. Through robust, innovative, and interdisciplinary social science, Human Dimensions research investigates the role that people play in fish, wildlife, and conservation issues. Human Dimensions researchers complement the work of other scientists, wildlife managers, and conservationists and is integral to successful R3 work.

Explore more about the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Unit.