Wildlife Branch - Game Management


The Wildlife Branch's Game Management Programs includes bear, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, pronghorn, pigs, upland game (10 species), and waterfowl (21 species). These programs are responsible for game species conservation including: developing management plans and recommending and conducting management actions; designing, conducting and overseeing contracted resource assessment, monitoring, and research; coordinating habitat enhancement projects; developing hunting regulation recommendations, as well as providing special hunting opportunities.

Game Program Contacts

Program Management

Name Classification Email Address
Brad Burkholder
Environmental Program Manager Brad.Burkholder@wildlife.ca.gov

Deer, Elk, and Pronghorn Antelope Program

Name Classification Email Address
Vacant Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)
Julie Garcia Environmental Scientist Julie.Garcia@wildlife.ca.gov
vacant Environmental Scientist
David Casady Environmental Scientist David.Casady@wildlife.ca.gov
vacant Environmental Scientist
Kristin Denryter Senior Environmental Scientist, Specialist Kristin.Denryter@wildlife.ca.gov
Russ Landers Research Analyst I Russ.Landers@wildlife.ca.gov

Black Bear Program

Name Classification Email Address
Vacant Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

Bighorn Sheep Program

Name Classification Email Address
Regina Vu Environmental Scientist Regina.Vu@wildlife.ca.gov

Upland / Small Game Program

Name Classification Email Address
Vacant Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)
Megan Crane, Ph.D. Environmental Scientist Megan.Crane@wildlife.ca.gov
Matt Meshriy Environmental Scientist Matt.Meshriy@wildlife.ca.gov
Katherine Miller, Ph.D. Environmental Scientist Katherine.Miller@wildlife.ca.gov
Vacant Associate Analyst

Waterfowl Program

Name Classification Email Address
Melanie Weaver Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) Melanie.Weaver@wildlife.ca.gov
Dan Skalos Environmental Scientist Dan.Skalos@wildlife.ca.gov


Name Classification Email Address
Kristi Cripe Research Program Specialist, GIS
GIS Data and Maps

SHARE & PLM Programs

Name Classification Email Address
Victoria Barr Environmental Scientist Victoria.Barr@wildlife.ca.gov

Wildlife Branch - Game Program

Scott Gardner, Chief
1010 Riverside Parkway
West Sacramento, CA 95605
(916) 373-6627

Game Managment Programs