Recreational Harvest of Kelp and Other Marine Algae

Sea cabbage, Saccharina sessilis on left, Sea lettuce, Ulva species on right
Left: Sea cabbage, Saccharina sessilis. Right: Sea lettuce, Ulva species. CDFW photos by R. Flores Miller

Recreational harvest of some marine algae for personal use is permitted in California (Title 14, CCR, Sections 30 and 30.10(opens in new tab)). Recreational harvest, including disturbing or cutting, of eelgrass (Zostera species), surfgrass (Phyllospadix species), and sea palm (Postelsia palmaeformis) is prohibited (Title 14, CCR, Section 30.10(opens in new tab)). The daily bag limit for recreational harvest of kelp and other marine algae, except as provided in Title 14, CCR, Section 28.60(opens in new tab), is 10 pounds wet weight in the aggregate. Harvest and cutting may be prohibited in state marine protected areas, marine recreational management areas, special closures, and state marine parks.


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