California National Archery in the Schools Program

Teach Archery to Students in Grades 4-12

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is an international-style archery program taught by teachers and delivered to students in physical education classes in grades 4-12.

In many states, the program is adopted and administered by state wildlife agencies. In California, the program (CalNASP) is administered by the Department of Fish and Wildlife in consultation with the California Department of Education.

Teachers are trained by volunteer archery instructors to become NASP certified. Classes usually run about 8 hours and are hands-on.

Instructors from after school programs and youth organizations are invited to participate in NASP training classes, but are not eligible to compete in school-based tournaments.

If interested in starting CalNASP at your school, download the CalNASP Flyer(opens in new tab) and talk to a school administrator or principal.

Click Here(opens in new tab) for upcoming NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) Training Courses. There is no charge for the certification class.

Contact Bridget Kennedy, CalNASP State Coordinator
(916) 322-8962 or

National Archery in the Schools logoTo order equipment or download National NASP curriculum for the classroom, visit the National website at

To obtain CalNASP supplemental activities for the classroom, please contact the State Coordinator.

Wildlife Restoration Program logo   CalNASP is funded by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program.