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Winter Species Watch: Trout
  • November 19, 2021
shiny brown, silver and black spotted fish being held slightly out of water

By: CDFW Fisheries Staff

The winter months can be a great time for both the individual and family to find trout fishing opportunities in the foothills, as well as in more urban environments found in lower elevations. California’s hatcheries work to provide many opportunities for the public to fish for catchable sized rainbow trout up and down the state. To first find where these fish are being released, check out the CDFW’s Fish Planting Schedule. Secondly, to catch these fish, try several techniques that include casting spinners or spoons from shore and slowly retrieving them. Bait also works well for the shore angler, with dough bait or worms fished near the bottom – or salmon eggs fished under a bobber producing good numbers of fish. Boat anglers fishing our state’s larger lakes and reservoirs can have good days trolling flashers with spoons, or trolling stick baits 5-6 feet under the surface. And finally, the fly angler can have great days fishing with purple, orange or white streamers under the surface.

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