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July Species Watch: The Kokanee
  • June 22, 2021
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By: CDFW Fisheries Branch Contributors

The kokanee salmon, also known as the kokanee trout, is the non-anadromous form of the sockeye salmon (meaning they don’t migrate to the sea, instead they live their entire lives in freshwater). Kokanee, which make excellent table-fare, are a cold-water reliant species found in some lakes and reservoirs in California. Anglers targeting Kokanee during the summer months are often successful slowly trolling lures (resembling small plastic squid), tipped with white shoepeg corn, behind dodgers through the deeper cold-water. Anglers looking to catch their limits can visit a fast-action fishery like New Bullards Bar Reservoir, while those looking for the challenge of catching trophy-sized Kokanee may want to try their luck at Lake Berryessa. More information about Kokanee, where to find them, management of the fisheries and how to fish for them can be found on the CDFW Fishing for Kokanee web page.

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