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Angler Update: Summer is No Bummer for Bass
  • June 22, 2021
Three men fishing on boat in water. Large mountain in background. Fishing rods and lines in water.

Small gray fish on a green fishing line. Water in background.By: Quinn Granfors, CDFW Reservoir Fisheries Biologist

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, fishing for bass can also heat up! The fish have mostly finished spawning, and are now focusing on feeding to regain energy and keep up with their accelerated metabolism in the warmer surface waters. This means the entire lake environment is alive and flourishing. In southern California, bass anglers targeting largemouth bass can capitalize on the conditions by using a multitude of techniques.

Topwater presentations are the most exciting way to catch these aggressive fish in the ponds, lakes and reservoirs throughout the region. Poppers, wakebaits, rats and frogs can elicit visually explosive strikes during the summer. Some lakes and reservoirs even offer night fishing during the hot summer months so anglers can avoid the heat of the day. Lake Perris, Diamond Valley, Cachuma, Pyramid, San Vicente and Lower Otay Reservoirs all have good summer fishing opportunities. Five bass over 12 inches is the most common regulation, but some lakes vary with size and take limits. Please check the state fishing regulations before fishing. Tight lines!

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