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Angler Update: CDFW Expert Blog-Angling During the Summer Months
  • July 17, 2023

By Michael Mamola, CDFW Environmental Scientist, Heritage and Wild Trout Program

Man holding large dark green fish with white bellyAlthough it may be hot outside, there is no shortage of angling methods and opportunities for you to enjoy during the summer months. Bass, bluegill and catfish fishing can be very productive. Mid-elevation waters located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada can hold some truly big fish that can attack lures or bait at any time. For largemouth bass, try casting soft-plastic worms around structure, points, or aquatic vegetation to get strikes. Focus on matching the natural, live bait that is found in the water bodies you fish. If you don’t know what that is, try crawfish or perch patterned lures. They usually produce. Bass, especially larger bass, won’t be moving as much to chase bait during the warmer seasons – so slow your technique down, and slowly work your soft-plastic bait back to you. I like to cast out, let my bait sink to the bottom, then count to ten before bouncing the worm back to me. This can generally produce a strike if a bass is nearby. For bluegill, fishing can be rather basic and fun at the same time. Place a nightcrawler or red worm under a bobber and cast to aquatic vegetation or structures and wait for the bobber to go down. This is a relatively easy way of fishing but can be great for the beginner angler to catch a lot of fish. For catfish, try fishing nightcrawlers AND chicken livers on the bottom around dusk. This is when the catfish become most active. I like to place a bell on my rod which helps alert me to when I am getting a strike. Just leave the bait on the bottom until your bell starts ringing, then set the hook! Just remember that you will need to stay hydrated during your fishing adventure, so I like to pack multiple waters and a drink with electrolytes. Good luck and catch a big one!

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