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Angler Update: Be a SUPer Angler this Summer!
  • June 21, 2021
person standing up on paddleboard on water while fishing. Trees in the background.

By: Farhat Bajjaliya, CDFW Statewide Inland Trout Coordinator

Summertime is in full swing and there are so many recreational activities to participate in. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is becoming increasingly popular, but some may have a difficult time choosing between paddling and their other favorite past-time – fishing! The truth is anglers do not have to choose and can challenge themselves by fishing from their paddle boards. Fishing from a paddle board can be a little intimidating at first, but isn’t too difficult once you learn the basics. First, make sure you have a properly fitting personal floatation device (PFD). An inflatable PFD designed to be worn around the waist is very comfortable. Next make sure you are generally comfortable simply paddling your board – stability is key, especially when fighting fish. Then you may want to outfit your board with an ice chest with fishing rod holders and rod leashes to secure your gear while you paddle to your fishing spot. Next, practice casting and you’ll likely catch something before you know it. Rough water can make fishing from a stand-up paddle board especially challenging. You may want to consider starting in “no wake” zones at your favorite lake or reservoir. Some favorites near Sacramento include Lake Jenkinson (pictured) or Markley Cove on Lake Berryessa. Have fun and be safe!

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