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The Drills and Exercises Unit promotes the preparedness of vessel and facility plan holders by assisting in the design of and evaluating equipment deployment drills and tabletop exercises. Drill and exercise participants are tested against specific objectives and their performance is evaluated. Our goal, through drills and exercises, is to increase preparedness for potential oil spill response by plan holders, OSPR, and stakeholders to maximize response efficiency and protection of California's natural resources.

On January 1, 2023, new harmonized drills and exercises regulations (14 CCR § 820.1) became effective and marine and inland drills and exercises regulations (14 CCR §§ 820.01 and 820.02, respectively) were repealed. Regulations can be found in the Quick Links section below.

Plan holder workshops were held in March and April to help clarify regulatory requirements. Plan holder resources, including the Plan Holder Workshop Presentation, can be found on the Resources page, linked in the Quick Links section below.

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