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For drills and exercises, OSPR requires certain federal Incident Command System (ICS) forms be utilized to be eligible for credit. Below is a list of ICS forms required by 14 CCR § 820.1, which became effective January 1, 2023. These forms must be utilized pursuant to 14 CCR § 820.1(k)(2) to be eligible for credit.


ICS 201 - Incident Briefing

ICS 202 - Incident Objectives

ICS 205 - Incident Radio Communications Plan

ICS 205a - Incident Communications Plan

ICS 206 - Medical Plan

ICS 207 - Incident Organization Chart

ICS 208 - Hazardous Materials Site Safety and Control Plan

ICS 213RR - Resource Request Message

ICS 215 - Operational Planning Worksheet

ICS 215a - Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis

ICS 230 - Daily Meeting Schedule

ICS 232 - Resources at Risk Summary

ICS 233 - Incident Open Action Tracker

ICS 234 - Work Analysis Matrix

When specific forms are not required by 14 CCR § 820.1, plan holders may choose to utilize other versions of ICS forms, including those made available by federal agencies that may serve as the Federal On-Scene Coordinator.

During actual spills, OSPR recommends utilizing ICS forms from the Federal On-Scene Coordinator to support personnel managing a response and completing an incident action plan.

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