ICS Forms

The Office of Spill Prevention and Response recommends utilizing Incident Command System (ICS) forms from the Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) with jurisdiction over an incident. Below are links to the US Coast Guard and US Environmental Protection Agency ICS Forms databases. The most updated version of the forms should be utilized during drills and exercises.

While specific forms are required by state regulations for drills and exercises, not all forms listed on the FOSC database may be relevant for a particular incident. During real incidents, forms should be selected that appropriately assist in achieving response objectives and ensure proper documentation for regulatory purposes.

  • link opens in new tab or windowUS Coast Guard ICS Forms
    The USCG forms are available as PDF or Word files that can be downloaded and printed. Some PDFs have directly editable fields, while others are not editable.
  • link opens in new tab or windowUS Environmental Protection Agency ICS Forms
    The US EPA forms are PDFs that can be downloaded, printed, and directly edited. Click on the “Download” link in the far right column to access the directly editable version of the form.

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