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The Office of Spill Prevention and Response partners with leaders from California’s numerous sovereign tribal governments, 58 counties, more than 400 cities and towns, and countless port, harbor and special districts to outline its mission of providing the best achievable protection of California’s natural resources. Together, we are working to prevent, prepare for, and respond to spills of oil and other deleterious materials, and restore and enhance affected resources.

Response Equipment Grant Program

The mission of the Local Oil Spill Response Equipment Grant Program is to provide funding to Native American tribal governments, counties, cities, and special districts in order to pre-position response equipment to protect their economic resources in the event of an oil spill. OSPR is currently accepting grant applications from jurisdictions throughout California.

Native American Preparedness Grant Program

The Tribal Preparedness Grant is part of the Office of Spill Prevention and Response Program and supports California Native American tribes in preparing for and enhancing emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts while protecting their ancestral lands and communities from oil spills.

OSPR is currently accepting grant applications from California Native American Tribes listed on the Contact List maintained by the Native American Heritage Commission.

For questions, contact OSPR’s Tribal Liaison, Cindy Murphy at Cindy.Murphy@wildlife.ca.gov or (916) 616-4515.

Environmental Enhancement Fund Grant Program

The Environmental Enhancement Fund grant program uses penalty monies associated with oil spills to support environmental enhancement projects that are within or immediately adjacent to waters of the state. More information can be found here: Environmental-Enhancement-Fund


OSPR offers a variety of presentations depending on the needs of the tribal or local government.

  • OSPR Overview – Full or half-day multi-discipline presentations focusing on the resources brought by OSPR to respond to an oil spill and how tribal governments, counties, and cities would interact with OSPR during an oil spill response
  • Mini OSPR Overview – Shorter presentations providing a brief review of the history of oil spill response in California, the events leading to OSPR’s creation in 1991 and its increased role in 2014, initial oil spill response actions by OSPR, and a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of native American tribes, counties, cities, and special districts when oil spills in their jurisdiction

Representatives of OSPR’s Field Response Teams (FRT) and local government outreach coordinators regularly attend Area Contingency Plan Committee Meetings (ACP) and each of the six Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meetings held throughout California.


Cindy Murphy - Tribal Liaison
Email: Cindy.Murphy@wildlife.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 375-4746

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