Unannounced Drill Program

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Unannounced drills are part of OSPR’s validation of Oil Spill Contingency Plans (C Plans). Unannounced drills are coordinated and conducted by OSPR with the support of other federal, state, and local government entities as necessary. OSPR also participates in Government-Initiated Unannounced Exercises conducted by federal partners. OSPR conducts three types of unannounced drills: Notification-only, Oil Spill Response Organization, and Spill Management Team (SMT). During Notification- only drills, the plan holders are requested to only make timely notifications to all appropriate parties. For Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) drills, plan holders must also ensure the deployment of response resources and give proper notice to OSROs for any additional shoreline protection requirements. For SMT drills, plan holders are also requested to make timely notifications and to assemble their SMT to accomplish specified objectives for initial spill response. For more information and sample drill scenarios, please see the guidance documents below.

For more information on Spill Management Team (SMT) certifications, please visit the SMT page.

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