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    Squirrel Appreciation Day
    • January 21, 2020

    Golden mantle squirrel on a rock

    Today we celebrate rodents of the Sciuridae family which includes squirrels and chipmunks. With their bushy tail, small ears, and large eyes, it’s easy to see how these creatures with such cute features has captured the hearts of many humans throughout history.

    The CNDDB tracks 10 members of the Sciuridae family:

    Nelson's antelope squirrel (Ammospermophilus nelsoni)
    San Bernardino golden-mantled ground squirrel (Callospermophilus lateralis bernardinus)
    San Bernardino flying squirrel (Glaucomys oregonensis californicus)
    Alpine chipmunk (Neotamias alpinus)
    Kingston Mountain chipmunk (Neotamias panamintinus acrus)
    Mount Pinos chipmunk (Neotamias speciosus callipeplus)
    Lodgepole chipmunk (Neotamias speciosus speciosus)
    Piute ground squirrel (Urocitellus mollis)
    Mohave ground squirrel (Xerospermophilus mohavensis)
    Palm Springs round-tailed ground squirrel (Xerospermophilus tereticaudus chlorus)

    If you happen to see any of them please let us know via our Online Field Survey Form.

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