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    Photos of the Month: March
    • March 30, 2020

    Close up of a coiled up two-striped gartersnake

    Thamnophis hammondii – Two-striped gartersnake

    Submitted by Noah Morales

    Noah found this two-striped gartersnake in Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara county. As seen in his photo above, these gartersnakes get their name from the light stripe along each side of the body. They occur along the central and south coast in California. They are typically found near water where they feed on aquatic prey including fish and amphibians. Two-striped gartersnakes are a CDFW Species of Special Concern and have disappeared or declined in portions of their range due to habitat loss and stream alteration. Many thanks to Noah for this awesome detection!

    Close up of adobe lily flowers sprinkled with drops of rain

    Fritillaria pluriflora – adobe-lily

    Submitted by Ryan Elliott

    This eye-catching flower was featured in our March 2nd Taxon of the Week. Ryan Elliott has since found more in Glenn County! Fritillaria pluriflora is named for the many stunning pink flowers each plant produces (pluriflora means "many flowered"). It was originally listed in 1974 and is currently considered as a 1B.2 (rare or endangered in California and elsewhere, fairly endangered in California) in the California Rare Plant Ranking system. Fritillaria pluriflora can be found in chaparral, cismontane woodland, as well as valley and foothill grasslands most often in adobe soils. It blooms early in the year, flowering from February to April, making it some of the first flowers to add color to the landscape. Thank you, Ryan, for this amazing photo and all the great work you do!

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