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    Hone Your CNDDB Skills - No Mask Required!
    • October 7, 2020

    A collage of rare plants and animals surrounding the words CNDDB California Natural Diversity Database, Conservation Through Information

    Does the CNDDB ever seem like a black box? Confused about when to use which of our products? Locked down by the pandemic and hungry for something new?

    Since we have also been working from home and unable to meet with our users in-person, this seemed like the right time to revise some training material. We have just released a modernized version of our CNDDB overview video. It covers why we do what we do, how we process information, and what products we make available to others. This video will help you get the most from your CNDDB access, with an awareness of some pitfalls and misconceptions about our products. Even our most seasoned subscribers will likely learn a thing or two.

    While we recommend that all users of our database are familiar with all of the content in this video, if you only have a few minutes to spare or just want to know about a particular topic, you can click on a link to jump ahead to the relevant section in the video.

    Check it out on our training webpage!

    A carousel of PowerPoint slides from the CNDDB Training video

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