Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep - Migrating Mural


In 2012 Ink Dwell studio launched the first Migrating Mural, focused on the California’s endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. Partnering with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation, the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association, Ink Dwell created a network of six murals along California’s highway 395, which runs parallel to crucial bighorn habitat. Multiple mural

  1. Lee Vining, CA: Mono Basin Visitor Center
  2. Bishop, CA: The Bishop Gun Club
  3. Bishop, CA: Sage to Summit
  4. Independence, CA: The Mt. Williamson Motel
  5. Independence, CA: The Mt. Williamson Motel
  6. Lone Pine, CA: Lone Pine Regional Airport

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