Report White-nose Syndrome

How you can report sick or dead bats

Please use the form below to report unusual behavior observed in bats, such as trouble flying, flying during the daytime or during cold winter weather, dying or sick bats (on the ground, unable to fly), or bats that have a white fungus on their face or wings. Please use this form to report any sick or dead bat you find, regardless of evidence of disease.

If you find a colony of live bats, please report it using the “Report a Bat Colony” form.

If a person or domestic animal has been exposed to a bite, scratch or saliva from a dead or live bat, call your local public health department.

Do not handle live bats

(Live bats may be reported, but do not collect them!)

If you are certain the bat is dead, AND you feel comfortable handling it:

  • Wear gloves when handling the bat
  • Place the bat in a plastic bag
  • Make sure the outside of the bag is clean
  • Place the bat on ice or freeze
  • Throw away gloves
  • Fill out the reporting form and a CDFW staff person will contact you as soon as possible

If you are uncomfortable handling a dead bat, indicate on the form the location of the dead bat and a CDFW staff person will contact you.

Before filling in the form, please check if the map is loaded. If not, try refreshing the page.

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  • Bat sighting information

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  • Either enter the coordinates of the sighting in the lat/long fields below, or use the map to browse to and click/tap the sighting location, which will populate the fields.


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  • (CDFW will contact you to obtain photos.)