Nongame Species Health

Starting in 2007, the responsibilities at the Wildlife Investigations Lab expanded to include non-game wildlife species. Support for the non-game species programs, including State and federally listed species and species of special concern, is one of the most rapidly growing functions and WIL.

Recent projects include:

  • Pacific Fisher Population Health
    • Disease and predation
    • Translocation disease risk assessment
    • Survival of orphan captive-reared young
    • More information on the Pacific Fisher Study can be found online at SFGate.
  • American Pika Health and Conservation
    • Determination of safe anesthetics
    • Disease exposure and climate change
  • Bobcat Mange Study
    • Study recent outbreak and develop fecal assay
  • Western Pond Turtle Health Assessment
    • Infectious diseases in pond turtles and invasive exotic red-eared sliders

Research and conservation collaboration includes:

  • Interdisciplinary interagency coordination

For more information on Non-game Wildlife Health Projects, contact:

Dr. Deana Clifford
(916) 358-2378

pika eating grass