EPIMS Contact Information

Environmental Permit Information Management System

Environmental Permit Information Management System (EPIMS) enables the online submittal of permit applications and streamlines the process of permit issuance, tracking, and monitoring. Users have the online convenience of completing permit applications, submitting required documents and reports, paying fees, providing electronic signature, and receiving permits. 

Learn more about EPIMS and get help submitting permits and documents on the EPIMS webpage.

Need EPIMS help?

1 (833) 303-7467

  • For specific questions regarding your project, including the status of your EPIMS self-certification, notification, agreement, status report, or fees, please contact the CDFW Regional Office where the project is located.
  • For general questions about CDFW’s role in cannabis permitting, please send email to AskCannabis@wildlife.ca.gov or call (916) 653-4875.
  • For general questions about the Lake and Streambed Alteration Program, please send email to LSA@wildlife.ca.gov