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"Proceedings of the 14th Biennial WAFWA Deer and Elk Workshop"

Do you study deer and elk in western North America? Did you recently attend and share your work in an oral or poster presentation at the 14th Biennial WAFWA Deer and Elk Workshop?

The Biennial WAFWA Deer and Elk Workshop brings together biologists from governments, universities, tribes, non-governmental organizations, and beyond to share research and discuss common challenges to conservation of deer and elk across western North America. Information shared during this biennial meeting is invaluable to conservation and management. This Special Issue of California Fish and Wildlife will serve as a conduit for archiving the important work, discussions, and scientific advances shared during the 14th Biennial WAFWA Deer and Elk Workshop.

Publication Timeline

  • Manuscript submission deadline: December 31, 2021
  • Expected publication date: Autumn 2022

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"Effects of Human-Wildlife Interactions on California's Natural Resources: Conflict and Coexistence"

Do you research how human-wildlife interactions may impact fish and wildlife in California? Do you research the human dimensions of wildlife conservation? Do you have examples of success (or challenges) related to human-wildlife conflicts and coexistence?

How humans interact with our natural resources can have profound impacts on fish and wildlife species, biodiversity and ecosystem health, as well as human health and safety. Those interactions may range from positive (appreciation, coexistence, conservation) to negative (conflict, habitat loss, property damage). Many biological, behavioral, ecological and social factors (human dimensions) interact to influence whether a human-wildlife interaction escalates to conflict, or can resolve in coexistence. This issue will explore research on how human-wildlife interactions may impact fish and wildlife in California, the challenges of effective conflict transformation, and models of coexistence.

Publication Timeline

  • Manuscript submission deadline: October 31, 2020
  • Expected publication date: Fall 2021

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