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The Environmental Enhancement Fund (EEF) grant program is administered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Office of Spill Prevention and Response. The objective of this grant program is to award grants to nonprofit organizations, cities, counties, cities and counties, districts, state agencies, and departments; and, to the extent permitted by federal law, to federal agencies to support environmental enhancement projects located within or immediately adjacent to waters of the state. An enhancement project is a project that acquires habitat for preservation, or improves habitat quality and ecosystem function above baseline conditions, and that meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Is located within or immediately adjacent to waters of the state, as defined in California Government Code (of Section 8670.3);
  2. Has measurable outcomes within a predetermined timeframe.
  3. Is designed to acquire, restore, or improve habitat or restore ecosystem function, or both, to benefit fish and wildlife.

The “Grant Application and Administrative Procedures Guide for the EEF Grant” and application form, as well as “Frequently Asked Questions”, are available for download from this page. Questions may also be sent via email to Daniel.Orr@wildlife.ca.gov.

Grant proposals are currently being accepted. Grant applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. March 1, 2021. Please read the current link opens in new tab or windowRequest for Proposals (PDF) or contact Daniel Orr for updates.

To learn about ongoing projects see a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowEEF 3rd Quarter 2019 Report (PDF)

Completed EEF Projects

Restoration of Point Reyes North Great Beach Critical Dune Habitat

Restoration of Salt Marsh-Upland Transition at Tijuana Slough Final Project Report

  • The project restored and enhanced degraded salt marsh-upland transition habitat. Work included vegetation mapping, planting design, planting of native vegetation, invasive removal and monitoring.
  • Awarded $85,000 from February 2015 to January 2017
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowSalt Marsh-Upland Transition at Tijuana Slough Final Report (PDF)

Community Based Restoration on the Fort Ord Dunes State Park

  • The project included restoration of native dune habitat through the propagation and outplanting of native species. The project directly involved 220 local school students and 50 volunteers in propagation, outplanting and sowing native seeds at the restoration site.
  • Awarded $7,963 from October 2015 to September 2016
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowFort Ord Dunes Final Project Report (PDF)

Dune Restoration at Morro Strand State Beach

  • The project restored dune habitat through removal of invasive species. Project focused on removal of European Beach grass and ice plant. The project also included propagation, outplanting, fencing, outreach and monitoring.
  • Awarded $150,000 from July 2013 to June 2016
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowDune Restoration at Morro Strand State Beach Final Report (PDF)

Sonoma Creek Tidal Marsh Enhancement

  • This project was designed to enhance the tidal fluctuation and habitat functionality. The main features of the project included construction of a main channel reconnecting areas of the marsh to Sonoma Creek, interior marsh mounds, and a transition to offer high tide refuge for marsh wildlife. EEF funds were primarily used for construction within a larger project framework.
  • Awarded $100,000 from January 2015 to June 2016
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowSonoma Creek Tidal Marsh Enhancement Final Report (PDF)

Sears Point Tidal Restoration

Oyster Restoration at Elkhorn Slough

  • This project utilized construction of restoration substrates to enhance native oyster recruitment. Work included construction, deployment, monitoring and adaptive management of 164 clam shell necklaces, 96 stake reefs and 27 concrete reef balls derived fro local materials.
  • Awarded $95,480 from July 2012 to August 2014
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowOyster Restoration at Elkhorn Slough Final Report (PDF)

McDaniel Slough Tidal Restoration

  • This project included 212 acres of tidal habitat restoration, creation of 35 acres of brackish and freshwater wetlands, construction of trails and interpretive features, construction of eco-levees, flood levees and wetland perimeter. EEF funded work included levee grubbing, construction, materials, marsh enhancement, revegetation and administrative work.
  • Awarded $250,000 from July 2012 to June 2014
  • See a copy of the link opens in new tab or windowMcDaniel Slough Tidal Restoration Final Report (PDF)

Point Arena II Resource Lands Conservation

  • Acquisition of lands for public trust to be held by Bureau of Land Management. Land acquisition contributed to the Point Arena-Stornetta California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) the first mainland based unit of the CCNM.
  • Awarded $151,370 as contribution to this acquisition

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