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NOTE: The red abalone season closure has been extended until at least April 1, 2026.

Phase-out of Printed Regulation Booklets: As part of a broader effort to go paperless, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is transitioning to a digital format for its fishing regulations booklets. Booklets will no longer be printed and shipped to license agents or customers, but electronic versions of the booklets will continue to be available on this and other California Department of Fish and Wildlife web pages.

regulations map thumbnailVisit our California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Map to find out when fishing seasons are open or closed on the California coast. Just click on your location on the map to see a summary of local sport fishing regulations for California's most popular sport fish and invertebrates.

mobile phoneTry our Ocean Sport Fishing Interactive Web Map on your next fishing trip! This new resource is designed to help you visualize sport fishing regulation boundaries, including marine protected areas and groundfish conservation area depth restrictions, on your mobile phone.

Fishing Passport cover thumbnailThe California Fishing Passport Program is a fishing incentive and recognition program that highlights and promotes fishing throughout the state. Pick up your free copy of the California Fishing Passport listing 150 different popular fresh and saltwater finfish and shellfish that occur throughout the state. Try to catch one of every species listed, and you will receive stamps in your passport book documenting each achievement.