Multi-Day Fishing Permits

What Is a Multi-Day Fishing Permit?

A Multi-day Fishing Permit, also known as the "Declaration for Multi-day Fishing Trip Permit", authorizes up to three daily bag and possession limits of saltwater fin fish, lobster, and rock scallop for each licensed person fishing in ocean waters, depending on the length of the trip, for offshore fishing trips that are continuous for more than one calendar day.

What Are the Requirements?

Requirements are spelled out in Section 27.15 of the current ocean sport fishing regulations. You must be planning to go offshore fishing for more than one calendar day. The fishing trip must be continuous and extend for a period of 12 hours or more on both the first and last days of the trip. Also, no berthing or docking is permitted within five miles of the mainland shore during the trip. No person may take more than one daily bag limit per calendar day and the provisions of the permit do not apply to salmon, steelhead, striped bass, or sturgeon take and possession limits. Also, all passengers must disembark at the location stated on the Multi-Day Fishing Permit. Additionally, the permit must be posted in view for all passengers onboard the boat.

How Do I Apply?

The Declaration for Multi-Day Fishing Trip Permit (PDF)(opens in new tab) application form must be completed by the vessel's owner or operator and submitted with the payment amount indicated on the form to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Currently, license office locations are closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Forms must be faxed to the fax number below.

The form must be received at least 48 hours prior to the date of the vessel's departure. There is currently no option to submit the form via email.

Declaration for Multi-Day Fishing Trip Permit application forms can be faxed with a Credit Card Payment Authorization (PDF Form) to:

(562) 596-0342

Download Required Forms

NOTE: The red abalone season closure has been extended until at least April 1, 2026.

Phase-out of Printed Regulation Booklets: As part of a broader effort to go paperless, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is transitioning to a digital format for its fishing regulations booklets. Booklets will no longer be printed and shipped to license agents or customers, but electronic versions of the booklets will continue to be available on this and other California Department of Fish and Wildlife web pages.

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