Fisheries Forum Reports

squid boat - CDFW photo by S. Wertz; biologist with lobster, CDFW file photo; Bodega Bay trollers, CDFW photo by M. Palmer-Zwahlen; halibut fishermen, photo courtesy E. Roberts; shark researchers, CDFW file photo

Since 1973, California's Joint Legislative Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture has hosted a Fisheries Forum each year at the State Capitol in Sacramento. The Fisheries Forum provides an opportunity for those involved in recreational and commercial fishing to come to Sacramento and speak directly to their representatives about statewide commercial and sport fishery issues and fisheries research.

Many laws protecting the fisheries, aquaculture and marine interests were developed as a result of information gathered at past Fisheries Forums. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Marine Region prepares annual reports that summarize the status and current issues facing California's marine fisheries and aquaculture for the Fisheries Forum, the most recent of which are linked below.