Fish and Wildlife Warden Career: Warden Academy

Wardens begin their careers as Fish and Game Warden Cadets in the Resources Academy. The Academy is approved by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Cadets spend approximately 31 weeks in the Academy acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for the various duties required of Wardens. In addition to learning about the DFG training includes: report writing; recognition of hunting, fishing, and trapping gear; firearms, side handled and ASP batons; emergency vehicle operation; weaponless defense; first aid/CPR; interview and interrogation techniques; patrol techniques; accident investigation; physical fitness; emergency Spanish; tactical communication; ethics; Vehicle Code, Health & Safety Code, and Penal Code; and drug and narcotics enforcement.

Cadets graduate the Academy as a Fish and Game Warden - Range A. They spend the next 10 weeks assigned to three different Field Training Officers (FTO). During the FTO cycle the new Wardens refine the skills learned in the Academy and develop new skills by functioning as Wardens in a variety of field situations under the watchful eye of the FTO. At the end of the FTO cycle Wardens report to their permanently assigned area. Wardens become eligible to transfer to other areas of the State after completing three years in their first assignment.