Fish and Wildlife Warden Career: Minimum Qualifications


18 years of age.


Normal vision function and visual acuity not less than 20/40 in each eye without correction and corrected to 20/20 in each eye. Normal color vision as measured by the Ishihara Pseudoisochromatic Plate Test or for persons failing the Ishihara, the Farnsworth D-15 Arrangement Test: a peripheral field of view of at least 120 degrees of horizontal extent and 100 degrees of vertical extent, with no evidence of scotomas (nonseeing areas) within the full visual field of each eye. Applicants who have undergone eye surgery to meet minimum visual standards may be required to submit medical data, at their own expense, to demonstrate visual stability. Only surgeries considered permanent will be reviewed, and depending on the type of surgery, applicants may be monitored for as long as a year before stability can be determined.


Sound physical condition, ability to swim, and hearing adequate to perform all the essential duties and functions of a Warden.


High school diploma, GED, or California High School Proficiency Examination; Equivalent to completion of two years (60 semester units) of college with 18 semester units in the biological sciences, police science or law enforcement, natural resources conservation, ecology or related fields. (Students who have 30 semester units of college, and have 18 semester units completed in the required or related fields, will be admitted to the examination, but must produce evidence of completion of 60 semester units before they can be considered eligible for appointment.)

The Department has determined that “related fields” are, but are not limited to: Animal Science, botany, chemistry, conservation, ecology, entomology, environmental management, environmental science, environmental studies, fisheries or wildlife management, forestry, geography, geology, herpetology, life science, mammalogy, marine biology, natural resources, oceanography, ornithology, physics, psychology, plant taxonomy, water quality management, wilderness survival and zoology.


U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship; must be a citizen at time of appointment.


You are disqualified from being employed as a peace officer if you have been:

  • convicted of a felony in this State or any other state;
  • convicted of any offense in any other state which would have been a felony if committed in this State;
  • charged with a felony and adjudged by a superior court to be mentally incompetent;
  • found not guilty by reason of insanity of any felony;
  • determined to be a mentally disordered sex offender;
  • addicted or in danger of becoming addicted to narcotics, convicted, and committed to a State institution; or,
  • convicted of any offense which precludes you from carrying a firearm under State or federal law.

Illegal Use of Drugs

You will be tested by urinalysis for the illegal use of drugs prior to employment. All positive test results are grounds for disqualification. Use of "hard" drugs (e.g., heroin, cocaine, or hallucinogenic) after your 18th birthday AND prior to your 23rd birthday  is grounds for disqualification until 5 years has elapsed from the date of the disclosed use of the drug. Use occurring after your 23rd birthday is grounds for disqualification until 10 years has elapsed from the date of the disclosed use of the drug.

Motor Vehicle License

Must possess a valid Driver’s License.


Desirable Qualifications and Skills

Ability to use word processing software on personal computers; ability to make minor vehicle repairs; ability to safely operate small skiffs; advanced skills in the following areas: English including grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and composition; reading and comprehension; mathematics; second languages; and courses in sociology and psychology.