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    Photos of the Month: July
    • July 31, 2019
    The CNDDB showcases selected photo submissions received through the Online Field Survey Form each month. This is the July 2019 edition.

    The hot summer days have not stopped people from going out into the field and exploring the great outdoors. Here are a couple of great Online Field Survey Form photos that were submitted to us in July:

    Pallid bat clinging to a tree

    Antrozous pallidus – pallid bat

    Submitted by Veronica Wunderlich

    Veronica found this pallid bat in a sticky situation – clinging to branches in a pond, unable to get out. She helped relocate it to a safe and dry spot. The pallid bat is an insectivore and typically catches insects found on the ground. CNDDB currently has 420 occurrences in 49 counties across California for this Species of Special Concern. Thank you, Veronica for this submission and the cool story behind the photo!

    Humboldt Bay owl's-clover closeup

    Castilleja ambigua var. humboldtiensis – Humboldt Bay owl’s-clover

    Submitted by Crystal Welch, Botany Technician with BLM office in Arcata, CA

    Crystal, a Humboldt State University grad, professes her good fortune in being able to explore the diverse botanical communities that Humboldt County has to offer, and attributes her love of the natural world to the experiences she has had in Humboldt. A word straight from Crystal, “I love every minute of being outside and contributing to the greater scientific community!”

    This amazing little annual was found in a salt marsh in Humboldt County. It is endemic to California and is commonly found in coastal salt marshes and swamps along the northern coast. Castilleja ambigua var. humboldtiensis more commonly goes by the name Humboldt Bay owl’s-clover. It is listed as a 1B.2 (rare throughout its range) in the California Rare Plant Ranking system and you can see these amazing little flowers from April through August, perfect for those summer hikes! Thank you, Crystal, for all the hard work you do and the love you hold for our beautiful world.

    Do you have some great photos of rare plants or wildlife detections? Submit them along with your findings through our link opens in new windowOnline Field Survey Form and see if your photos get showcased!

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