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Monthly updates for February 2019
  • March 11, 2019
Summary of stats and taxa worked on during February 2019.

Here's what's new since January:

Number of Element Occurrences in Current Distribution: 92,390
Number of Element Occurrences Added Since Last Distribution: 250
Number of Source Documents Added: 1,950

Species we’ve been working on:


  • Anemone multifida var. multifida (cut-leaf anemone)
  • Ayenia compacta (California ayenia)
  • Brodiaea filifolia (thread-leaved brodiaea)
  • Centromadia parryi ssp. australis (southern tarplant)
  • Chloropyron maritimum ssp. maritimum (salt marsh bird's-beak)
  • Chorizanthe xanti var. leucotheca (white-bracted spineflower)
  • Cymopterus multinervatus (purple-nerve cymopterus)
  • Dodecahema leptoceras (slender-horned spineflower)
  • Eriastrum densifolium ssp. sanctorum (Santa Ana River woollystar)
  • Euphorbia ocellata ssp. rattanii (Stony Creek spurge)
  • Fremontodendron mexicanum (Mexican flannelbush)
  • Lessingia micradenia var. glabrata (smooth lessingia)
  • Lewisia cotyledon var. howellii (Howell's lewisia)
  • Penstemon sudans (Susanville beardtongue)
  • Streptanthus albidus ssp. peramoenus (most beautiful jewelflower)


  • Callophrys mossii bayensis (San Bruno elfin butterfly)
  • Callophrys mossii marinensis (Marin elfin butterfly)
  • Cottus klamathensis klamathensis (Upper Klamath marbled sculpin)
  • Cottus klamathensis polyporus (Lower Klamath marbled sculpin)
  • Rana boylii (foothill yellow-legged frog)
  • Spea hammondii (western spadefoot)

We’ve also released an updated link opens in new windowSpecial Plants List – find out link opens in new windowwhat’s been added and download a new copy. We’ll be updating the animals next – stay tuned!

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