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    Monthly Updates For December 2019
    • December 9, 2019

    Summary statistics and taxa we've been working on recently.

    • Number of Element Occurrences in Current Distribution: 93,915
    • Number of Element Occurrences Added Since Last Distribution: 224
    • Number of Element Occurrences Updated Since Last Distribution: 262
    • Number of Source Documents Added: 2,608

    Species we’ve been working on:


    • Allium munzii (Munz’ onion)
    • Amsinckia grandiflora (large-flowered fiddleneck)
    • Astragalus agnicidus (Humboldt County milk-vetch)
    • Astragalus tricarinatus (triple-ribbed milk-vetch)
    • Brodiaea orcuttii (Orcutt's brodiaea)
    • Carex davyi (Davy’s sedge)
    • Centromadia parryi ssp. congdonii (Congdon's tarplant)
    • Lomatium stebbinsii (Stebbins’ lomatium)


    • Ambystoma californiense (California tiger salamander)
    • Eumetopias jubatus (Steller sea lion)
    • Gambelia sila (blunt-nosed leopard lizard)
    • Prosopium williamsoni (mountain whitefish)
    • Spea hammondii (western spadefoot)
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