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Barred owl dataset updates
  • August 1, 2023

Our barred owl datasets have been updated!

Barred Owl Observations by PLSS Section [ds2873] is available to view and to download in the BIOS Viewer. This layer summarizes the information contained in the Barred Owl Observations Database and allows users to see PLSS sections containing barred owl detections as well as the first and last years owls were reported in those sections.

Barred Owl Observations [ds8] is available in the BIOS Viewer for CNDDB subscribers. The barred owl database includes barred owl (Strix varia), Strix hybrid, and unknown Strix detections. This dataset is only available to view and download by CNDDB subscribers because it contains references to sensitive spotted owl locations. For site-specific inquiries, email

Due to the varied nature of barred owl surveys, detections, and reporting in the state, these datasets may not fully represent the historical and current distribution of barred owls in California.

For more information on barred owls in California, check out CDFW’s Barred Owl Threat web page.

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