Restoration Grants - Resources

Tule Wetland

Below are resources relevant to the CDFW Prop 1 Grant Programs including program information; grantee guidance; data management, monitoring, and assessment; and planning documents.

Program Information

CDFW Proposition 1 Proposal Solicitation Notice

Proposal Solicitation Notices

Background Information

Grantee Guidance

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This section provides resources for Grantees to assist with the administration and management of their Proposition 1 CDFW grants.

General Grant Provisions

Grant agreements will contain the General Grant Provisions outlined in these documents as applicable for public, non-public, and federal entities.


Grantees must complete and submit Quarterly, Project Close-out Reports and Invoices per their Grant Agreement. Templates are provided below.

If applicable, Grantees must submit a Data Management plan and/or a Monitoring and Long-Term Management plan per their Grant Agreement. Templates are provided below.


Grantees must complete and submit the below administrative forms before a grant agreement can be executed.

Grant Amendments

Grantees may request a grant amendment following the Amendment Request Guidelines.


Grantees must include signage, to the extent practicable, informing the public that the project received funds through CDFW from the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. The sign should include the following:

  • Project name as it appears in the project agreement
  • Acknowledgement of project partners including CDFW (logo is preferred)
  • On CDFW-owned lands, acknowledgement of CDFW


Download ZIP file (ZIP) containing:

  • Prop 1 Logo - JPEG
  • Prop 1 Logo - PNG
  • Prop 1 Logo - TIFF
  • Prop 1 Logo - EPS (text converted to outlines)
  • Prop 1 Logo - PDF

Download ZIP file (ZIP) containing:

  • CDFW Logo - JPEG
  • CDFW Logo - PNG
  • CDFW Logo - TIFF
  • CDFW Logo - EPS (text converted to outlines)
  • CDFW Logo - PDF

Data Management, Monitoring, and Assessment

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Data Management

Data management tools required of projects with applicable data types

Monitoring & Assessment

Recommended methods for monitoring and assessment of projects

Recommended approaches to project Adaptive Management

Performance Measures

Planning Documents