Recreational California Halibut Fishery

Recreational anglers enjoy fishing for California halibut. Common methods of angling for this species include trolling or drifting by boat with a baited hook-and-line or lure; hook-and-line fishing from jetties, piers, and beaches, or diving with a spear gun (freediving or scuba diving). Consult the most recent edition of the Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations booklet for up-to-date size restrictions and bag limits. For information on California halibut in San Francisco Bay, please see the link opens in new windowHalibut Fact Sheet (PDF).

Angler Inteview, CDFW photo by Colin Brennan

Recreational effort for California halibut in San Francisco Bay has increased in recent years. CDFW biologists augment the California Recreational Fishery Survey (CRFS) by interviewing anglers returning from halibut trips at Berkeley Marina and Oyster Point Launch ramps.

Recreational halibut anglers. CDFW photos by T. Tanaka (left), A. Vincent (center) and S. Bell (right)