Project Resources: Kelp Bass

  • Annual Status of the Fisheries Reports (2003)
    The Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) of 1998 mandated that California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) review at least one quarter of state-managed marine fisheries annually with focus on species that are the subject of a directed recreational or commercial fishery. The report contains a history of the fishery, status of biological knowledge, the status of the population, management considerations, and references to more kelp bass information.
  • Kelp Bass (PDF)
    Excerpt from Review of Selected California Fisheries for 2008: Coastal Pelagic Finfish, Market Squid, Ocean Salmon, Groundfish, California Spiny Lobster, Spot Prawn, White Seabass, Kelp Bass, Thresher Shark, Skates and Rays, Kellet's Whelk and Sea Cucumber, O. Horning, author, 2009 CalCOFI Report, Vol 50, pgs. 30-32.

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