Project Resources: California Halibut

  • Annual Status of the Fisheries Reports
    The Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) of 1998 mandated that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) review at least one quarter of state-managed marine fisheries annually with a focus on species that are the subject of a directed recreational or commercial fishery. The reports contain a history of the California halibut fishery, status of biological knowledge, the status of the population, management considerations, and references to more California halibut information.
  • California Halibut (PDF)
    Excerpt from Review of Selected California Fisheries for 2009: Coastal Pelagic Finfish, Market Squid, Red Abalone, Dungeness Crab, Pacific Herring, Groundfish/Nearshore Live-Fish, Highly Migratory Species, Kelp, California Halibut, and Sandbasses. D. Sweetnam, ed. 2010 CalCOFI Report, Vol 51, pgs. 31-33.
  • California Halibut (PDF)
    Excerpt from Review of Selected California Fisheries for 2011: Ocean Salmon, California Sheephead, California Halibut, Longnose skate, Petrale sole, California Spiny Lobster, Dungeness Crab, White Shark, and Algal Blooms. D. Porzio, ed. 2012 CalCOFI Report, Vol 53, pgs. 22-25.
  • Definition of Light Touch Trawl Gear for Use within the California Halibut Trawl Grounds
    (Adopted by the Commission in May 2009 and approved by the Office of Administrative Law in June 2009 with an effective date of August 13, 2009.) Title 14, Section 124 (b) Gears, Section 1-5.
  • CDFW Expands California Halibut Sampling (PDF)
    by Travis Tanaka, Marine Management News, December 2007 (PDF)
    This article provides information on the creation of the State Finfish Management Project (SFMP), the implementation of a commercial California halibut fishery sampling program in central and southern California, and how the information collected by the CDFW is and will be used to manage this valuable fishery.
  • Fish Bulletins
  • Fisheries Forum Reports
    The Fisheries Forum is an annual report to the legislature regarding the fisheries that the CDFW manages or monitors. Fishery statistics and biological status are included.
  • Fishing the Bay for California Halibut (PDF)
    by Adrienne Vincent, Marine Management News, January 2010 (PDF)
    This article provides information on the California halibut fishery in San Francisco Bay and includes fishing regulations and methods, along with quick facts and fishing tips.
  • Review of California Halibut Trawl Fishery in the California Halibut Trawl Grounds, Report to the California Fish and Game Commission (PDF)
    The California Halibut Trawl Grounds, representing 201 square nautical miles, were created through legislation in 1971. In 2005, additional legislation was introduced to close four areas (13%) within the trawl grounds. This legislation also allowed for the implementation of additional closures (up to 42%) after March 31, 2008. In April 2008 the Commission adopted regulations which implemented an additional 34-square nautical mile closure in a portion of the CHTG between Gaviota and Point Conception. The remaining open areas now comprise about 75 percent of the original CHTG. The Commission may reverse the closures pending four performance criteria.

    The purpose of this report was to provide the Commission with the best information regarding the California halibut bottom trawl fishery within the California Halibut Trawl Grounds to determine whether the performance criteria had been met.

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