Northern and Central California Finfish Research and Management Project

weighing of white sea bass, CDFW CRFS photo; Guad Dunes Surfperch Derby, CDFW photo by Ken Oda; recreational angler, CDFW photo by Ken Oda; angler interview, CDFW photo by Colin Brennan; Marina del Rey Halibut Derby, CDFW photo by Sabrina Bell

The State Finfish Management Project (SFMP) was created in July 2006 with a full time staff of seven scientists. The Project was re-organized in 2011 into a north/central and a southern California component. The former is now called the Northern and Central California Finfish Research and Management Project, with staff currently based in Monterey, Belmont and Eureka. The Project focuses on fisheries that are recreationally, commercially and ecologically important in central and northern California, and which are managed by the State alone. California halibut, surfperch, hagfish, true smelts and white seabass are among the species for which the Project collects data. The fishery data collected by the Project includes: length-at-age, catch per unit-of-effort, seasonal maturity, first maturity, fecundity, spawning season and location, fish movement, larval recruitment, bycatch, population structure, sex ratios, commercial and recreational landings, fishing gear effects on undersized fish, effects of marine protected areas and relative species composition within habitats. Not all types of data are collected for all species and not all datasets are continuous. These data are collected in order to manage fisheries with the best available scientific information and ensure their long term sustainability for economic and recreational benefits.

This website will continue to include SFMP data prior to 2011 and will now include Project data from 2011 to the present.

Project Staff

  • Paul Reilly, Senior Environmental Scientist, Monterey
  • Kristine Lesyna, Environmental Scientist, San Carlos
  • Ken Oda, Environmental Scientist, Monterey
  • Travis Tanaka, Environmental Scientist, Monterey