Standing Rules

Revision Date 11/1/98

abalone shell

Standing Rules: These rules may be altered or suspended by a 2/3 vote of the committee.

Meetings: (1) Meetings shall conform to the Bagley/Keene Open Meetings Act, Government Code Sections 11120-11132. (2) Regular Meetings shall be scheduled for the first Saturday in March and the last Saturday in September.

Notice: Notice of meetings shall conform to the Bagley/Keene Open Meetings Act, Government Code Sections 11120- 11132.

Committee Membership: Members are appointed by the Director of the Department of Fish and Game. Qualifications for membership are found in DFG Code Section 7400. This rule may not be altered.

Officers: Officers are nominated and elected by majority vote of the committee membership. Officers serve until either by death, resignation, or replacement by the majority of the committee membership. Committee officers shall include a Chairman and a Recording Secretary.

Quorum: A quorum shall be 5 committee members.

Resignation: Resignation shall be in writing and shall addressed to the DFG Director with a copy sent to the RAAC Committee Secretary.

Agendas: (1) Agendas shall be formed by both the Chair and Secretary. Agenda items to be considered for inclusion should be submitted to either the Chair or Secretary no later than 3 weeks before a scheduled meeting.

Minutes: Minutes of meetings shall be prepared by the Secretary and completed no later than three weeks after the meeting.

Minority Comment: (1) The minority voters on any action taken by the committee may request that a single minority comment be attached to the Minutes. Preparation of the comment shall be the responsibility of the minority member(s) and bear the signature(s) of the member(s). (2) The comment shall be received by the Secretary no later than two weeks after the meeting for which the minutes are being prepared.