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Volume 108 Issue 2

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  • June 30, 2022 |
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Journal cover displaying an osprey (a large brown and white raptor) landing on its nest



Ange Darnell Baker

Design and Layout Editors

Gabe Quillman, Andrew Willkens, Lea Koerber, Shelby Thomas, Alison Nevins, Diane Haas, Jennifer Gaffey, Maggie McCann, Madison Boynton, Rose Dodgen, Shelby Thompson, and Lanette Richardson

Association Editors

Wildlife Branch: Scott Osborn, Laura Patterson, David Wright (retired), Dan Skalos, Matt Toenies, Katherine Miller, Karen Converse, Katrina Smith, Matt Meshiry, Tom Batter, and Anne Hilborn
Water Branch: Ken Kundargi
Fisheries Branch: Jeff Rodzen, Jeff Weaver, John Kelly, Felipe La Luz, and Erica Meyers
Habitat Conservation Planning Branch: Cherilyn Burton, Grace Myers (junior editor), and Lauren Miele (junior editor)
Watershed Restoration Grants Branch: Kevin Fleming
Conservation Engineering Branch: Mark Gard
Inland Deserts Region: Jeff Villepique and Steve Parmenter (retired)
Marine Region: Kristen Elsmore
North Central Region: Mario Klip
Northern Region: Ken Lindke, Robert Sullivan, and Jennifer Olson
Bay Delta Region: Lauren Damon and Peter McHugh
Aquaculture Program: Randy Lovell
Cannabis Program: Jennifer Nguyen

The California Fish and Wildlife Journal is published quarterly by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is a journal devoted to the conservation and understanding of the flora and fauna of California and surrounding areas. If its contents are reproduced elsewhere, the authors and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife should be acknowledged.

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The views, opinions, and conclusions within the content of this publication are solely the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Cover Image: I street osprey nest (Photo Credit: ©Lisa C. Alvarez)

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